Ralph Rapat International

We aim to deliver premium product to our customers and creating opportunities for farmers in serving great food to kitchen worldwide.

Ralph Rapat International is a Bangkok-based professional suppliers and wholesalers of agricultural commodities products, such as grains, nuts, and the like, dealing with suppliers and customers both nationwide in Thailand and worldwide. Since establishing in February 2017, we have always fastidiously sourced and timely delivered premium goods according to each customer’s need. We trade exclusively products that have been certified with international standards, including but not limited to GMP, BRC, HACCP, and ISO 22000.
We are a leading supplier and wholesaler of high quality agricultural products at a reasonable price. We deliver premium agricultural products to our customers and to create opportunities for local farmers to supply kitchen worldwide with quality ingredients.
Our priorities are to ensure customer satisfactory and to build bridges between local farmers and F&B manufacturers as well as modern trade giants. Furthermore, we strongly believe that great products should come with great service, honesty and lifelong partnership. Should you need assistance from an experienced trader, we suggest you contact us for further information on our service.

Ralph Rapat International

"We strongly believe that great products should come with great service, honesty and lifelong partnership"

Our products

Chilli products
e.g. Dried chilli, Frozen chilli and more..
Rice products
e.g. Jasmine rice, Riceberry and more..
Root products
e.g. Onions, Shallots and more..
Seed products
e.g. Sesame, Basil seed and more..
Fruit products
e.g. Banana, Mango and more..


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Rice Agriculture, Culture and History in Thailand

Rice has always sustained people in Thailand and formed a close bond with their way of life for over 5,000 years. It not only feds people throughout the land but also plays a very significant role in the history, culture, society, and economy of the Thai nation.

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